Thursday, January 12, 2017

Prince Rupert's Pita Pit Celebrates Grand Opening Today

Let there be Pita!

The wait for the sandwich alternative for Prince Rupert fans of the Pita Pit franchise is over, as the local addition to the national chain makes it official today, with its Grand Opening set for the Noon Hour.

The newest addition to the city's cuisine listings took to their Facebook Page on Wednesday to share the news, which judging by the stream of comments that followed has been one of the more anticipated of openings that the city has seen in a long time.

Pita Pit introduced their Pit crew this week with the Grand Opening of
Prince Rupert location set for today at Noon

Preparations to renovate the building playing host to the Prince Rupert location on the 600 block of Second Avenue West started in October, making for an addition to an area of town that is quickly becoming somewhat of a Sandwich Row.

With the arrival of Pita Pitt in the city, the competition for the loyalty of locals is now on.

Also found in the immediate area is  the Subway across the street and Tim Horton's found just a few steps down the street with both rather popular destinations for Rupertites when the stomach starts to growl.

The Grand Opening takes place at noon today, as Prince Rupert welcomes
Pita Pit the latest addition to the menu selections for the city

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