Monday, January 30, 2017

New political movement ImagineX calls for British Columbians to look at a different approach to provincial politics

With the election drums starting to warm up towards the May 9th vote, one group in the province is making a call for British Columbians to think differently when it comes to how we select a government.

The group is offering up the concept of sending a large number of Independent candidates to speak for the people of the province, suggesting that it would be an alternative that would provide for more transparency and collaboration on the issues that are of key importance to residents of the province.

The project is known as ImagineX, which organizers describe as a collective of passionate citizens who are looking to ReimagineBC and hold no affiliation with the BC Liberals, NDP, Green Party or other political parties and interest groups.

They offer up five core values which include being Citizen-centric, seeking Respectful Collaboration and Evidence Based Decision Making.

They also note that they are Forward-thinking and are dedicated towards more Transparency in provincial politics.

The launch of the political movement includes a Nomination Form as well as a listing of those that have been nominated in ridings across British Columbia, though to this point there are none listed for the North Coast, Skeena or Stikine Ridings

ImagineX is now taking nominations for their
community based approach to BC politics

Also making for a key element of their information presentation is a chart and searchable data-base that offers up some background on how current MLA's have voted on past initiatives and bills in the British Columbia Legislature.

Once you enter the name of an MLA you can track how she or he voted and access more information about each voting opportunity.

The ImagineX website features a data base to search out how MLA's
from across the province voted at the British Columbia Legislature

You can find out more about their plans and how to become involved here.

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