Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prince Rupert Port Authority introduces new safety initiative for local mariners

A New safety initiative from the Prince
Rupert Port authority is designed to
improve on harbour safety

With the prospect of more shipping traffic making its way to the North Coast as port facilities expand, so too will come an increased level of congestion for Prince Rupert harbour and with that, the need for new concepts in port safety.

Towards that theme, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is already ahead of the curve, increasing its approach to safety in local waters with a new initiative for vessel tracking.

The latest in upgrading the aids to navigation was previewed this month, with the Port outlining the nature of it's Automated Identification System, known as AIS

Earlier this month, the Port announced that the new system was now available to local vessel owners and offered them the opportunity to install a transceiver their vessel, at no cost to the owner. 

Once in place, the new system will  allow for critical information to be transmitted to the Canadian Coast Guard and commercial vessels that transit through the harbour.

One of the first vessels to take up the opportunity from the Port was the Tsimshian Storm, with Captains Dean and Carl Robinson installing the transceivers, making their vessel more visible to harbour traffic.

The Tsimshian Storm is one of the first of local vessels
to sign on with the Port's new Automated Identification System

(photo from PRPA Facebook page)

Any local mariners or vessel owners that are interested in joining the program can contact Captain Bernie Egan at the Port Authority at 250-627-2523 or through email at

You can follow the progress of the new initiative through the Port Authority Facebook page.

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