Thursday, January 19, 2017

Video Project celebrates past Graduates of SD52

At last week's School District 52 Board meeting, those in attendance heard of a special project developed by students of Pacific Coast School, who with the assistance of teacher Jeremy Janz produced a video presentation that looks back at some of the past graduates from the District and where their travels have taken them to this point.

As they put the video project together students developed their skills when it comes to interviewing, recording and editing video, as well as how to produce a final product.

At the School District Board meeting earlier this month, Board Chair Tina Last made note of the work of the students and offered up some thoughts on the message delivered through the video.

“It is exciting to recognize the many accomplishments of our students, both in Prince Rupert and outside the community,”  ...“As described by our graduates in the video, students in our district benefit from the diversity of our community and the dedication and skill of our teachers. Respect for the diversity in other people is a key skill to be successful in today’s world.”

The video is introduced and closed by the familiar face of one of the city's high profile grads, with CBC Television's Gloria Macarenko sharing her memories of SD52 and highlighting the work done in education on the North Coast.

The full video can be reviewed below:

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