Friday, January 13, 2017

Prince Rupert rallying around Hockeyville quest

It's Game on for the North Coast as
Prince Rupert responds to the
Kraft Hockeyville campaign
The North Coast is putting it's best skate forward as Prince Rupert residents continue to submit nomination after nomination, as local hockey fans put the community's name forward for consideration in the annual Kraft Hockeyville competition.

As we noted on the blog last week, the competition was launched at the start of the month, with one of the first submissions that was put into motion from the Northwest coming from Masset, which outlined the Haida Gwaii quest to add a refrigeration unit to the roller rink in the community.

Shortly after that contribution to the Hockeyville data base, the first of the Prince Rupert submissions began to appear, the first two belonging Jennifer Nelson and Kelly Clifton who were among the early boosters for the North Coast on the Kraft Hockeyville site.

Since then however, it's been quite the task to keep up to date on the flow of submissions to the project.

With Prince Rupert hockey fans flooding the ice if you will, with a range of testimonials as to why our community should be the next one selected for the $100,000 in renovations for the Jin Ciccone Civic Centre and the opportunity to host an NHL pre season game.

Prince Rupert is responding to the call to
share the word on why this community
should be the 2017 selection
for Kraft Hockeyville
So far, there are over fifty submissions from Prince Rupert added to the Kraft Hockeyville website providing some glowing  testimony to the love of hockey in the community and how Prince Rupert should be in the running for the Hockeyville title!

We've been tracking the growing list through the week and making additions as fast as we can, but we'll be honest, the volume of entries is proving to be such that keeping the page updated is one of the bigger challenges for the blog in recent months.

(Not that we mind, as we don't!)

We'll continue to work our way through the daily reports from the Kraft Hockeyville site to add to our archive, and we welcome the challenge of keeping up that pace right through to the end of the nomination period on February 5th.

Residents of the North Coast can continue to submit a nomination for Prince Rupert here and remember, the more nominations, the more notice that the efforts from Prince Rupert will get from across Canada.

Your contribution can be a simple outline of why hockey is part of the fabric of the community, or it take on some of the impressive video presentations that have been included by some of the nomination pages.

Regardless of the approach you chose, get creative and submit, submit, submit!

You can review what the community has offered up so far  from our archive page here.

To get a glimpse of the overall competition. a look at the Kraft Hockeyville home page can be reviewed here, while the list of all competitors from across Canada can be examined here.

You can also get involved on twitter, a local twitter page has been created and you can share the word and the work of the community through the twitter handle of #PrinceRupertisHockeyville2017

There is also a Prince Rupert for Hockeyville Facebook page where those taking part in the nomination process can share some thoughts and organize get togethers to move the campaign forward.

For quick access to the list as we update it, our Update page is listed in our North Coast Extra Editions feature found on the right hand side of the blog.

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