Monday, January 9, 2017

Province outlines cold weather housing options through January

As the North Coast prepares for what could another few nights of an Arctic blast, the Province of British Columbia is outlining how they are addressing weather related issues as they arise across the province during this winter.

On Friday, the province provided some background information on how residents across BC can access emergency housing

As part of last week's media release, Rich Coleman, the Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible Housing offered up a list of the moves that the province has put in place to this point in the winter, noting that 540 additional temporary shelter spaces have been created in 16 communities as the cold weather settles in across BC.

Along with the additional space, the province has allocated 1.6 million dollars to support 1,000 emergency shelter spaces across British Columbia when local communities issue an extreme weather alert.

The full background to Friday's information package can be found here.

The information update also provides information for the Transition House program across the province including Prince Rupert.

In Prince Rupert, any emergency related Shelter housing requirements are handled by the Salvation army at 25 Grenville Court, which makes arrangements for those in need to find accommodation as a result of extreme situations.

According to the information from the government information sheet, outside of any extreme emergencies, there are only 12 beds available year round in Prince Rupert.

You can find out more about what they can do to help, or offer up what assistance that you can lend to their programs, by contacting them at 250-624-6786

Temperatures for Prince Rupert are set to dip over the next 48 hours, with overnight lows of -11 degrees anticipated for Tuesday and Wednesday before warmer temperatures arrive along with the rain.

More items related to housing issues on the North Coast can be found on our archive page here.


  1. Why are people in Prince Rupert still sleeping on the streets.......I keep seeing posts on facebook about them. Is there a cold weather shelter that they can go to. Everyone?

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