Thursday, December 14, 2023

As we move into the Twelve Days of Christmas 2023, Cow Bay merchants to keep the doors open late next week

Both CowBay Road and the Atlin Terminal area could be popular next week
as merchants extend their business hours for last minute Christmas shopping

For those that still have some work to do on the Christmas shopping lists, next week offers up some extended hours to knock down the items that are still outstanding.

The CowBay District of shops, boutiques and social spots is holding Late Night openings through next week,  making for some additional time to shop. in the final week before Santa's gift drop of the 24th.

The late night Cow Bay openings come in the final week of extended transit service on Thursdays for Shoppers, with the Prince Rupert Transit Schedule offering Thursday December 21st as their final run of shopping season.

More notes on the city's commercial sector can be reviewed here.

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