Monday, December 18, 2023

City Hall closed until the New Year, City services set for reduced schedule over holiday period

The Doors To City Hall are closed and will remain so through the holiday period, with the City staffers embarking on the two week break from duties that the holiday's bring, barring any sort of civic emergencies.

The Advisory to the City Hall hours posted today through the City's Social Media stream.

 With the break will come a range of scaled back services and some closures on key dates in the days ahead, with the City offering up the full list for the service schedule ahead.

As we noted last week, the Garbage/Recycling schedule has some modifications to be aware of the full scope of those available here.

Information on the closures another notes towards the next two weeks can be reviewed from the city's Social Media stream and the civic website.

More notes on civic themes can be reviewed through our Council Archive page.

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