Monday, December 11, 2023

Drake Crescent Housing returns to the forefront, as Pacific Aurora Construction seeks variances for property in question

Will tonight mark the start for the development of town homes
on Drake Crescent?

The first large scale housing development in years for Prince Rupert may yet be the one that was once proposed for Drake Crescent.

That as the Pacific Aurora Group makes a return to Prince Rupert City Council tonight, seemingly ready to move forward on the long delayed plans for town homes in the land adjacent to Prince Rupert Boulevard.

The original plans go back to June of 2016, when City Council first heard word of the proposed development from Kevin Stunder; a pause in the planning and little in the way prep work, led to a return in June of 2021 for the project.

Those plans however, also stalled, that as Pacific Aurora turned its attention towards work it was set to take on in Port Edward in 2022.

The delays from 2022 were notable owing to some apparent concerns that the property owner had over a rezoning by the City for a property directly across from the proposed Drake Crescent development.  

Tonight however, maybe it will be third time is the charm, that as Mr. Stunder's Drake Crescent plans make for a Report to Council charting the future for the proposed 44 unit town home development.

The report notes of the slightly increased  volume of housing units for the site, and observes of financial constraints that led to the previous delays towards moving the project forward at the time.

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The property returns for Council consideration as part of a Variance Request from the Delta based property developer.  Mr. Stunder is seeking variance changes to property setback and parking options.

The property developer outlines his plans moving forward through a correspondence with the City.

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The prospectus for the development doesn't seem to have changed all that much from the original plans of 2016, with the footprint for the townhomes much the same as it was when first proposed.

The full documentation towards the variance request can be reviewed through the City's Agenda for tonight starting on page 37 .

With Prince Rupert City Council looking to show some progress when it comes to the volume of housing proposals that they have floated over the last decade; it will be interesting to watch to see if the council membership have many questions towards the variance requests on the evening.

For more notes on tonight's Council session see our preview here.

A wider overview of the Housing themes for Prince Rupert can be explored here.

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