Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Monday night hydro incident leaves CHSS classes cancelled until further notice

Update: Tuesday Afternoon CHSS advised that school would resume on Wednesday.

It's been an unexpected day off for Charles Hays Secondary Students and staff so far today, with a Monday evening traffic incident affecting the power in the area of Prince Rupert Boulevard, the impact still such that CHSS announced it was closed as of this morning.

The update for students and Parents came around 8AM, so far there has been no update towards when the School is expected to resume operations.

As a result of the situation, CHSS has postponed their plans for their Family Bingo event tonight.

So far the RCMP have not outlined any details towards the traffic incident which caused damage to a hydro transformer box in the area, plunging the area into darkness shortly after 6 PM.

BC Hydro had noted that most of the area had seen the power returned to service at 10:15.PM

The latest outage, which has impacted on the school is attributed to Equipment failure

Follow the Rupert Schools Social media stream for updates on the school closure.

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