Friday, December 15, 2023

DFO/Canadian Coast Guard put out the call for Assistant Lighthouse Keepers

If you like time alone, walks along rocky bluffs and watching and listening for vessels in distress, then the Canadian Coast Guard and DFO have just the job for you.

The Maritime Agencies are seeking Assistant Light House keepers for 2024, and to help sweeten the deal they've increased the pay rates for those two take up the challenges of isolated work sites.

The Assistant Light House keepers posting has been a long running one, which suggests that the Federal government is finding challenges to fill the openings, such that the pay has been increased as the opportunity moves from 2023 to 2024.

The salary range from the last posting has increased from $45,241 to $60,707 to its new salary range of $49,813 to $66,842. 

Towards the duties, the Job Posting offers a glimpse into what's expected of successful applicants and where they could be posted, with a few familiar North Coast Lighthouse stations among those on the list.

You have some time to consider whether a life on the edge of the sea is for you, the job posting has been extended to December 31st, 2024.

Part of the challenge towards filling the posts, could come from how DFO and the Coast Guard look to staff the lighthouse stations.

A pool of qualified candidates will be established and may be used to staff positions on an indeterminate, term, casual, deployment, assignment or acting basis.

Something that doesn't really define how much work, or what kind of schedule you may have,  should you be added to the roster.

You can review the details towards the opportunity here.


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