Monday, December 11, 2023

Road 'investigation' set to make for Detours this week for Second Avenue West at McBride

The City is warning of some impact on traffic
related to investigative work at 2nd and McBride this week

The City of Prince Rupert has made note of some potential traffic disruptions for the busy McBride/2nd Avenue West corridor, posting a notice this morning outlining what's ahead for the next three days from December 12 to 15.

While the city doesn't specifically say so, the area of note is the same location as plans for the proposed round-a-bout, a project that was announced as moving forward in early October.

More notes on Civic operation themes can be reviewed from our archive page here.


  1. Has there been any investigation on how this (completely unnecessary project) will affect emergency vehicles?

    1. Well, the week went pretty smoothly even for emergency vehicles so that had little impact it seemed.

      As for whether it's necessary or not, seems to be a project in motion and I imagine it won't impact Emergency services any more than the rest of our road work ... , so that's for you to take up with the Mayor, Council and MLA I suspect ... NCR