Friday, December 15, 2023

Strong year for KidSport, thanks to assists from Prince Rupert RCMP/Prince Rupert Fire Rescue

The Annual Guns N Hoses hockey game provided funding that
saw over 60 local youth get to take part in the sports they enjoy

The local organization that helps to cut down on the cost of sports for those in need in the community is sending a shout out to the Prince Rupert Rupert RCMP and the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department.

Noting through their social media stream on Thursday, of the financial assistance from the city's emergency responders through the annual Guns N Hoses hockey game. 

The popular event was held on March 18th this year and raised over $6,600 dollars for the KidSport Program in the city.

That meant funding for over 60 youngsters in the region who could take part in their favourite sports thanks to the funding assist.

The Prince Rupert program  is looking to the public to consider their work as part of your holiday giving options, this year marking the Twelfth Year for the Gift of Sport Campaign.

You can learn more about the KidSport program here.

Follow their social media stream for updates through the year.

It's not the only option for those in the community who may need a bit of help to access recreation services, the City of Prince Rupert also hosts a Recreation access program, the initiative one which gives families in need access sport, arts, and cultural activities at our Rec Complex at a reduced rate.

Find out more towards that program here.  

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