Monday, December 11, 2023

Fate of the Moby Dick Inn Goats up for decision by Council tonight

A place to roam in Downtown Prince Rupert or will it 
be a call to return home for two goats with job prospects will
be resolved tonight at Prince Rupert City Council

For Salt and Pepper, judgment day arrives tonight, the fate for the two goats who may be tasked to landscaping duties on a downtown lot is up for Council's attention.

That as the members of Prince Rupert City Council review a Report from Staff and perhaps release the findings from the consultation period which ended on Friday towards the request for a temporary use permit for the lot adjacent to the Moby Dick Inn.

We noted of the consultation last week, Council having turned over the process to the public at their November 15th Council session.

The call for comments a two week opportunity for the public to have its say yay or nay, giving City Council some guidance towards whether livestock in the downtown core is a good or a baaaad idea.

It's not the first rodeo for the goats, a previous attempt in 2019 to install them as groundskeepers at the lot adjacent hotel did not work out in their favour.

Tonight, Moby Dick Inn owner Teresa Lee and her twin goats will hear the final word as to whether they have work ahead of them or not.

The report from October that led to the consultation process can be reviewed as part of tonight's Council Agenda starting on page 56 .

More notes on tonight's Council session can be explored here.

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