Monday, December 18, 2023

Sixth Avenue Bridge plan remains as it was on the weekend; one lane eastbound only, with pedestrian access

Ye can go east, but ye no be coming west unless on foot
as the City gets to work on Bridge repairs for
the Sixth Avenue East crossing

Work began on Friday evening towards some required repair work for the Sixth Avenue East Bridge, with the City settling on an access plan by the weekend that allowed for eastbound traffic across the bridge as well as pedestrian access. 

Travellers heading westbound are asked to use George Hills Way for their transit across the City.

As to what the plan ahead may be when it comes to the work required, there hasn't been much more added to the City's information stream since Friday. 

The last overview of the situation was part of the City's Friday Message making:

Following a recent review of the pedestrian walkway on the bridge, it was determined that repairs are needed. This walkway is a structurally separate component from the road portion of the bridge. The pedestrian walkway will be closed until repairs are completed.  

So far there have been  no further details released towards what the nature of the repair work may be, or a  timeline towards when the Bridge may be returned to full service, or what the nature of the repair work may be.

You can follow the City's social media stream and Public Notice page on the website for updates.

More notes on Major infrastructure work can be explored here.

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