Thursday, December 21, 2023

BC Sheriff's recruiting drive ends in January, with posts to fill in Prince Rupert, Terrace and Smithers

A career in Court Service through the BC Sheriff Service
is the focus of a the wrap to the current recruiting drive this month

Some new career opportunities with the British Columbia Sheriff Service are currently available with the Service conducting a recruiting drive across BC and the Northwest to seek out applicants looking for a career as part of the BC justice System.

The positions available are those of Deputy Sheriff's, the full scope of the duties you will perform after a full training period can be reviewed here.

The salary range for Sheriff's at the moment starts at $68,148.42 to $77,507.02 including benefit package of up to $27,000.

Towards providing some background on what to expect as part of the Service, a recruiting video has just been released to showcase the work that is taken on by those at facilities across BC.

The short video which runs less than two minutes, outlines the job requirements as well as how the court positions offer a well paying job and schedule that makes for a good balance from work to family or leisure time.

The application process  includes a Security screening Questionnaire and successful completion of the Fitness and Agility Strength test.

The closing date to apply for this round of recruitment is January 19th.

You can start the application process rolling here.

The timeline forward for the next program is as follows:

Positions to be filled include Court House duties for Prince Rupert, Terrace and Smithers in the Northwest 

More notes of interest on the work of those in the Courts and as Emergency Responders can be reviewed through our archive page here.

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