Friday, December 15, 2023

Sixth Avenue Bridge closure means a reroute between east side and downtown

Travellers from the Downtown area to the east side who use the Sixth Avenue East Bridge will have to make some changes to their routine, with the City of Prince Rupert announcing the closure for the bride as of 2 PM today, that to effect emergency repairs on the key piece of east-west infrastructure.

The notice was posted to the City's Social media page this afternoon, advising that the bridge which crosses over Hays Creek will be closed until at least 8PM on Saturday evening.

The second notice of the afternoon (that to change it to a 3 PM closure) provided some additional details to the work ahead over the weekend.

As the City's information seems to be somewhat in flux, follow their Social media stream for updates through the weekend.

More notes from Civic Operations can be reviewed through our archive page

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