Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Council has Praise for Rose's Clean up; anticipation for same for Angus Apartments

The Rose's site demolition work earned some praise from 
Prince Rupert Council on Monday evening

The recent demolition work on the rubble of Roses's on Third Avenue West gained some appreciative words from Councillor Teri Forster, who relayed her enthusiasm at the pace of the completion of the project as part of the Council Discussion period at the end of Monday's Regular Council meeting.

"I wanted to share my genuine enthusiasm about the lot at Rosie's, the lot looks amazing.

I drove by it the other day with one of my friends and her exclamation of excitement was pretty wonderful.

So Hurray, Christmas came early. I think that was the joke we had last time.

I do wonder about the Angus Apartments, because I know that was another part of it and I've seen there has been some movement. Should we expect it to be as quick as Rosies? 

I think we talked about it last council meeting we were hoping by the end of the year and that came quite quickly"

Towards the Angus Apartment theme, Director Rosa Miller provided an update on the status of that demolition work.

"I too was hoping it would be very quick. There are some additional challenges that the Angus Apartments are presenting, so we are going to still be taking it down. 

It is just coming down a little more slowly than Rose's.

Work started today, it is proceeding but slowly, and residents will see progress as the days go one but it will be  down"

Up next on the city's demolition to do list is the Angus Apartments 

Councillor Nick Adey also had questions related to the demolition work, putting his focus on the cost for both jobs. 

"I have a couple of questions one a follow up, first one on the Angus Apartments and Rose's and that is with respect to the cost of Demolition. 

My understanding is that part of the punitive aspect of this. The original intent is that we say, you gotta do something, you gotta do something and then if they don't it, we do something and we bill you.

I'm just wondering where that sits in terms of both of those locations"

Each of the properties noted,  have specific elements related to the cost towards the demolition process as Ms. Miller outlined for Council.

"With respect to Rose's we will be billing the current property owner.  They will have until the end of the year to make payments, if it's not made by December 31st it will roll onto property taxes in accordance with the regulations to do so.

With respect to the Angus Apartments, the City of Prince Rupert is now the owner of those two sites. 

So we will be bearing the cost until such time as we aren't the owners."

You can review the discussion from the City's Video Archive starting at the one hour forty three minute mark.

More noted from Monday's Council Session can be reviewed here.

A wider overview of past Council Meeting discussion themes is available from our archive page.


  1. Granted heap praise where praise is due. The contractor did an excellent job. The failing was the amount of time it took to start the process. Sadly I have learnt to live with eyesores throughout the city.

  2. The key to happiness in Prince Rupert is low expectations.


    Nope, even lower.

    There you go.

  3. I'm curious as to why Rupert now owns Angus Apartments. I am aware it came up as a tax sale, and Rupert intended and followed through with the purchase. But....why exactly? I'm ignorant of the topic, but as a layman, it seems odd that our cash-strapped city bought a demolition project. I'd like some clarification.