Tuesday, December 12, 2023

City of Prince Rupert offers up reminder on your responsibilities should the weather shift to a winter mode

So far, so good ... our winter weather is not at the same
scope of shovelling as was the case in January.
But the City is reminding residents and business owners 
to be prepared for any changes ahead.

Yesterday's first glimpse of winter weather with slick streets and sidewalks gave the City of Prince Rupert Cause to issue its annual reminder for residents and commercial property owners of their responsibilities when it comes to snow or ice removal should the need arise.

Using their Social media stream, the city outlined the scope of responsibilities that make for the City's Bylaws should winter make a guest appearance through the Christmas Holiday period and beyond.

The full Bylaw provisions and guidance can be reviewed here.

While they offer guidance for residents and business owners, yet to be posted to the city website, or social media stream is any information towards the city's own snow and ice removal plan for the winter ahead.

Something which might offer some guidance to the public towards what kind of approach the city will take towards addressing icy and snow covered streets and sidewalks this winter.

More notes on Civic Operations can be reviewed here.

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