Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Chevron makes like Santa with Wednesday price drop for Gas in Prince Rupert

Chevron is sending some good cheer to all motorists
today with a price drop for gas at their Prince Rupert location

Savvy  Christmas shoppers today are directing their vehicles to the Prince Rupert Chevron.

The 2nd Avenue West location a spot where a Santa like price drop has been in place since this morning, with the Prince point at the pump now listed at 1.69.9 per litre.

That's a drop of five cents from the price at the pump of  just a few days ago for the downtown gas station. 

Around town however, the city's other gas stations must still be in conference with The Grinch; the three remaining options for a fill up today holding at that price of 1.74.9 at the pump. 

From the Downtown Core to the Industial Park and
half the way there, the remainder of the gas stations
in Prince Rupert have yet to get the Santa vibe from Chevron

The drop in price, makes for a welcome reduction with the busy holiday travel season just ahead and many set to hit the road heading into Christmas weekend.

Should there be a change we'll update our notes.

More notes on the Commercial Sector can be explored here.

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