Tuesday, December 19, 2023

If it's Tuesday ... it must be Sudbury! MP Taylor Bachrach's Cross Canada Train Trip heads West

Where in Canada is Taylor Bachrach? His last check in had the MP
heading towards Sudbury, Ontario on his Cross Canada Rail journey

Last week we outlined the plans for Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach to ride the rails back to his hometown of Smithers in time for Christmas.

The MP making the cross country rail trek to highlight the need to prioritize passenger rail travel in Canada, an initiative he launched in the House on Wednesday with Bill C-271, the Rail Passenger Priority Act.

The MP began the trek out of Toronto's Union Station the chart heading North then West as he started his travels.

Along the way Bachrach is sharing his new private members bill with those on the train with him as well as checking in with some guests along the way to speak to the topic of passenger rail in Canada.

Yesterday, heading towards Sudbury the MP spoke with UNIFOR's Christopher Graper on the union's 'Get Canada Back on Track campaign"

Mr. Bachrach's great adventure has captured some national media attention this week, with a few reports on his travels and the focus for his trip. 

This BC MP is taking a 4,500 km train ride to try to improve passenger rail in Canada 
One MP is travelling the country in hopes of improving passenger rail
NDP MP travels 4,500 km to promote VIA Rail train bill 
Riding the rails (audio)

We'll check in again in a couple of days to see how many kilometres of steel rail he has travelled on the way to his destination.

You can follow the Skeena Bulkley Valley MP's quest to Make it Home by Christmas through his social media stream

More notes on VIA Rail in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

Items of interest from his work in Ottawa can be explored here.

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  1. Get Prince Rupert water back funding on track
    How about an update on DMAF?

    Get Highway 16 safety back on track
    Still no end to end cellular coverage after decades?

    Get public safety back on track
    Start enforcing medicinal marijuana grow operations in municipalities

    Get PILT disputes back on track
    Some cities have waited decades for PILT resolution

    Based on all of the above, if you keep voting for the federal NDP. This riding will never get back on track.