Sunday, December 17, 2023

Blog Watching Week Ending: December 17, 2023

The last Public Regular City Council session for 2023,  offered up a wide variety of themes to wind down the civic governance year for Prince Rupert.

As it was a Council week, our list of the five most read items is made up entirely from stories related to the Monday session. 

Among them notes on the loss of the last auto body shop in town and how ICBC may respond to that for the community, along with the plans to move forward with a Community recruited Reconciliation Committee.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority was in the spotlight for more than an hour at the session first through a presentation from Port officials, and then a near forty minute Q and A with Council.

The ongoing work to clean up some of the downtown nuisance properties was hailed by Council who observed of the recent clan up of the Rose's site.

Plans for a large housing development however topped the list for this week. Our top story of the five on the week putting the focus on some progress for the town home development proposed for Drake Crescent on the city's east side.

Drake Crescent Housing returns to the forefront, as Pacific Aurora Construction seeks variances for property in question -- The prospect of some home construction seems to have captured the attention of our readers, making for large readership for our look at a report from Council on two variances for a property on Drake Crescent. Property Developer Kevin Stunder spoke to the project as well on Monday evening, his short overview providing some notes on the challenges for home building and his hopes to launch his project for 44 townhomes in 2024.  (posted December 11, 2023

That article was followed by: 

Council to seek answers from ICBC on service options for Prince Rupert   -- A question from Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa related to the closure of the last auto body shop in town, will have council seeking answers on ICBC Service in Prince Rupert from the province.   (posted December 13, 2023)

Port explores choppy economic waters of today, plans for future and relationship with City as apart o Council Presentation Monday -- An informative hour and a bit on Monday provided for both a review of a range of port related themes from PRPA officials and some extensive question and answer time for the Council members.  (posted December 13, 2023

Council has praise for Rose's clean up; anticipation for same for Angus Apartments   -- With much of Third West getting some attention int he last few weeks, the much anticipated demolition of Rose's gained praise from Council, as well as an overview of what's next for the Angus Apartments on Second Avenue West.   (posted December  13, 2023
City's Reconciliation plans highlight desire for independence for those tasked to explore the topic -- The new year will soon bring a call for applicants for a civic committee to explore reconciliation themes, one which most of council would prefer be independent of Council, though Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven would like to actually be a member of the collective. For a look at many more of the topics of note from Council on Monday see our archive page here.  (posted December 14, 2023

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