Tuesday, December 12, 2023

In Ketchikan, changing times have their cable provider cutting the cord ... will CityWest follow the shift to streaming?

Usually in the past, when it comes to cutting the cord that brings cable TV into your home is the decision of the homeowner, normally when bills get too high or other services come along that offer more for the same or less.

In Ketchikan however, the municipally owned communication company KPU is doing the cutting on their own, having seen the future and deciding its best to exit the cablevision business, that as customers choose streaming services for their entertainment choices.

Ketchikan Public Radio noted the shift away from home delivery of cable services with this article, tracking the growth of cable since 2010 and its demise as of September 2024, when KPU will cut the cord to every home, explaining that they just can compete with providers offering video streaming services.

Is it a future that may one day make for a blue print for Prince Rupert owned CityWest?

The ongoing push of the streaming universe would seem to suggest it's likely, with the use of CityWest internet or other options across Northwest already bringing Apple TV, Crave, Netflix and other streaming services direct to homes. 

As the technology improves and the viewing options multiply more will surely be on the way.

Still so far there have been no indications from CityWest's Third Avenue West Offices, that cutting cords is in the short term future for Prince Rupert Customers.

The prospect of such is also dependent on the ability of technology to deliver the video streams with exceptional video and audio experiences. 

And in Prince Rupert the top end product of Fibre to the Home, which at one time was considered the blue ribbon service for CityWest has yet to be fully installed in the city.

The CityWest Fibre to the home map from 2018

That ambitious installation plan which was rolled out a few years ago, appears to have stalled of late.   

That leaves a number of residents in the Prince Rupert area still awaiting some kind of indication when they will join their neighbours with the fastest speeds available and the full service package that the Fibre to Home project was designed to deliver when introduced in 2018.

There have been few recent mentions of the Fibre to Home program in Prince Rupert through CityWest's information options.

Though the roll out of the product across Vancouver Island and elsewhere makes for a full archive page to review here.

There has also been some concerns noted on social media of late related to timelines for service reps to respond to issues, an area of customer service that seems to require some attention.

In the ever changing field of communications, cable vision today sometimes seems like the waypoint from the days of that one channel for the Northwest of the sixties, something not too long ago in the memories for many residents. 

The future is one which offers an even larger universe of streaming options, as long as you can access them in your home.

How CityWest can evolve as the future unfolds will determine how munch loyalty they'll be able to count on from their established  footprint in place across the region.

More on CityWest themes can be reviewed through our archive page.

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