Friday, December 15, 2023

City Councillor seeks guidance on city's winter roads plan, answer deferred for now

A city snow truck from January 2022.
Councillor Nick Adey is looking for information from city staff
towards what would be the city's plan for any nasty weather ahead

With the City of Prince Rupert recently putting out its annual notice on the responsibilities for residents and business owners when it comes to snow and ice removal, City Council Nick Adey tried to find out what the City's own plans might be towards the topic.

The Councillor raising the theme at the tail end of Monday night's City Council Session.

"My last question is around, perhaps timely, it's around preparation of winter roads. I think two years ago we had a very challenging year, I think a lot of it is just driven by weather cycles.

But it caused a lot of community conversation and some post winter reflections.  

I'm just wondering where we are at this point in terms of preparing for what may come between now and the next council meeting"

City Manager Rob Buchan observed that he didn't have the details handy on the night and they couldn't go to the Operations Director immediately as he is currently on vacation. 

"That is a fine question to which I do not have a direct response, other than we will see if we can get a response from the Director when he is off of vacation.  

And we will ask for that to be sent out to council for their information"

So far, with the exception of a couple of icy mornings, the city has avoided the level of snow that we've had to deal with over the last two winter seasons.  

So hopefully our luck continues to hold through to the update whenever it may be delivered.

That opportunity one, where we may learn how the city will approach the issue of road maintenance and snow removal should the need arise.

The short Q and A is available for review fro the City's Video Archive starting at the one hour, 48 minute mark.

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  1. If the director of operations is away why could not the second in command attend meetings to answer questions.

    On vacation doesn’t seem like a valid excuse.