Tuesday, December 19, 2023

It's Not You ... it's your Internet provider!

If you've been trying to surf the net, stream a video or watch or listen to a streaming service, today has been a frustrating one for you on the North Coast and across the Northwest.

CityWest's Internet and Television services have been impacted by a third Party issue, that according to the CityWest Maintenance and Outages page for today.

The history of your online troubles can be reviewed below:

The Most recent update came at 2:15 PM with CityWest advising that the Estimated time to restore service is two to three hours, putting your streams and such back at peak volume sometime around the dinner hour if all goes well.

We're not sure how many phone calls that the CityWest Trouble desk may have received this morning and afternoon; but hopefully some of them were pre-empted by the CityWest  social media work today. 

Though the late morning post did result in a few questions along the way.

More on the City of Prince Rupert owned Communication company can be reviewed through our archive page here.

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