Thursday, December 28, 2023

CityWest awaits break in adverse weather to explore Haida Gwaii sub sea fibre issue and make repairs

A fibre break on the sub sea link between the North Coast and Haida Gwaii
has knocked CityWest services off on the Islands

Haida Gwaii's CityWest customers likely were using other methods to track Santa's sleigh on Sunday, a look outside for a glowing red nose for instance, to keep track of the path to Island communities. 

That as the Prince Rupert based communication company's link from Bonilla Island to Haida Gwaii has seemingly suffered some kind of subsea fibre related incident, leaving the residents originally with reduced internet since December 24th.

The update of this morning, adding to the misery for residents with an advisory that the backup link is now inoperable as well.

The first break in the weather not anticipated until New Year's Eve at earliest,

 The Maintenance and Outages page provides further details related to the outage and CityWest's plans towards resolving the issues.

As they note, Hecate Strait, where the subsea fibre is located and the Islands of Haida Gwaii have been host to Hurricane Force winds and heavy seas since prior to Christmas Eve, with one powerful weather system after another making its way along both sides of the Islands.

Follow the CityWest social media stream and Maintenance and Outages page for updates through the weekend ahead.

More notes related to CityWest can be reviewed here.

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