Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Administrative changes for SD 52

While she may have been busy packing up the box files for her pending departure for southern reaches of the province, Superintendent Lynn Hauptman was also apparently busy redrawing the administrative flow charts for the upcoming school year.

We're not sure if it was part of the controversial succession planning that was discussed earlier in April, but change is coming to the Administration level at SD52, as three Principals prepare to change schools.

In an announcement from School District 52 from May 31st, Ms. Hauptman and Tina Last, Chair of the Board of Education outlined the changes for September.

For High School students there will be a new face in charge at Charles Hays Secondary this fall, as Mrs. Sandy Pond will be moving to Charles Hays from the Pacific Coast School.

Moving across town as Mrs. Pond takes up her new duties on Prince Rupert Boulevard, will be the current CHSS Principal Sheila Wells. She will take on new challenges with Ecole Roosevelt Community School.

Ms. Wells arrives on Roosevelt Hill as Mrs. Susan Kobza heads downtown, set to take over as Principal at Pacific Coast School.

The staffing decisions may be the last bit of work for Ms. Hauptman, in April the School District announced her departure for this summer.  

The announcement of pending change in upper administration, brings to an end her time as Superintendent with the Board of Education, a position which she held since 2009.

As we outlined on the blog in May, the School District is currently seeking her replacement, utilizing the Make a Future website.  SD52 had no update on how that search is progressing in their press release of May 31st.

The full Media release announcing the changes can be found here.

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