Friday, June 28, 2013

Long weekend sun and heat seekers need to chart a course eastbound

It's a damp start to the Canada Day weekend this Friday night, as rain moved onto the North Coast at the dinner hour and appears to be set to stay at least until Monday.

For those looking for Sun and some heat, the long weekend travel plans may require a bit of a road trip, with the further east you travel providing for warmth and sunshine at a more sustained level.

Should you make it to the sunnier climes, Environment Canada has some advice for you, having issued a Special Weather Statement for the Canada Day weekend, with Hot temperatures anticipated for southern and Central locations of the province.

A High pressure ridge is expected to set up shop over the Canada  Day weekend with temperatures rising as the weekend moves on towards Tuesday, in some locales in the Okanagan the anticipated Highs could be near the 40 degree range.

It's anticipated that many British Columbia communities will be setting temperature records as the weekend moves back into the work week.

You can review the Forecast for the North Coast here,  It is a preview that will provide for significantly cooler temps and more wet conditions than those elsewhere in the province.

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