Monday, June 24, 2013

Change on the horizon for Tourism Prince Rupert

A surprising story from the Northern Connector on Friday evening, as the Friday portal of the Northern View offered up details on the departure of Bruce Wishart from the offices of Tourism Prince Rupert.

Wishart who has been the main face of the local Tourism office for a number of years now will apparently leave his post upon completion of a number of unfinished projects. That as the Board of Directors embarks on what it calls a restructuring of the organization.

In addition to the departure of Wishart, it was announced that marketing director Monika Clifton will also be leaving the Tourism office, with her departure date listed as July 15th.

According to the Northern Connector story, Tourism Prince Rupert Chair Scott Farwell outlined that the changes are being made as the Board shifts the focus of the organization. With a restructuring of fixed wage costs designed to allow more money to be put towards marketing of Tourism.

Farwell also revealed that the Board was considering a couple of different options beyond the departure of high profile staff.

The announcement comes, just weeks after Tourism Prince Rupert released their annual guide for visitors as to what is available for visitors to the North Coast.

The timing of the departures may seem a little unusual what with Tourism season just underway, but for the most part, the summer season one of maintenance of the brand and keeping the Tourism theme active for the high traffic summer season.

The actual decision making on Tourism plans, focus on direction and creation of such resources as the Tourism Guide mentioned above, comes in the off season.

It's at that time we imagine whoever may be left at Tourism Prince Rupert will have received new marching orders from the Board.

Towards that change in direction, Tourism Prince Rupert is apparently going to take their time to review their options, consulting their members and the tourism operators on the Board, as to what direction they would like to see the organization move towards.

The story so far is not available on either the Northern View or Northern Connector websites, should you have lost, or already disposed of your Friday copy of the paper, you can click on the item below to review the background on the interesting developments of last week.

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