Monday, June 10, 2013

CN's Northern BC export advantage

As they used to say on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, it's got a nice beat and you can dance to it.

CN Rail has posted another of their video vignettes outlining the advantages of shipping across the Northern BC corridor, this one featuring the shipment hub of Prince George as a forestry centre for the railway's Northern operations.

The three minute video offers up the visual interpretation of how CN can best service the forestry sector with containers loaded in Prince George and heading off to the Fairview Container Terminal for shipment to Asia, a growing component of the railroads forestry offerings.

The forestry sector of shipping out of the Port of Prince Rupert has provided for shipment options for a number of forestry operations around Prince George, as well as along the Highway 16 corridor for the last few years.

The indications from CN's video presentation suggests that it's a segment that is poised for more growth in the years ahead.

The Prince Rupert portion of the visuals comes along at the two minute mark, you can review it all below.


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  1. CN SUCKS! Transport Canada should ENFORCE a NEW overpass in Terrace, this is WAaaaay past stupid and totally lacking respect for the people. Pathetic display of bullying the people.