Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Invitation to Discover Our Nature

The Tourism season is already underway, as any licence plate spotter could tell you from a quick glance along the Cow Bay District or in the parking lots of local grocery stores and the Rupert Square.

Though mid June is but the early indicator of the volume to come in the traditionally busy months of July and August, where those that arrive in town either as a destination or just a transit point seek to learn more about the city that serves as a transportation hub to the North, West, South and East.

To better inform visitors and attract would be visitors Tourism Prince Rupert has just released the 2013 version of the Visitors Guide, a project now available online and which features much of what many of us just take for granted.

With the release of PRINCE RUPERT - Discover Our Nature, the 48 page publication offers up a collection of attractions, services and advertisements to help visitors navigate the regional options for the journey to the North Coast.

Pages 2 through to 23  offer up some thumbnail sketches of what is available for tourists (and locals looking to rediscover their city) to take in, from Museums to Wildlife, Sport Fishing to Golf.

Pages 23 -  25 Provides some background on how to get to the North Coast and the variety of transportation options that are available

Hidden Treasures and walking/hiking guides of the region grab the attention from pages 26 through 29.

While pages 30 to 32 answer questions (and ask a few with North Coast Trivia) that even locals may not have had answers for.

Pages 35-48 provide the service directory of sorts, providing details on accommodations, shopping, services and such.

The slick looking publication offers up a helpful review of what to do, where to see it and how to get there, an invaluable resource for visitors and for those that call the North Coast home, a helpful refresher course on just what we have to show off.

You can thumb through the guidebook electronically by clicking on this link to Discover our Nature.

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