Monday, June 10, 2013

City Council Preview June 10, 2013

The first City council meeting of June is set for Monday evening at 7 PM, though as is the case of late Council will meet first in Closed session at 5 PM, where it seems the more interesting things tend to be taking place.

The synopsis of the closed session outlines that Council members will look at three items of note, that can't be share in a public setting.

Those items being examination of an individual being considered for employment,  review of an individual being considered for an award or honour or one who has offered up a gift to the municipality on condition of anonymity.   As well, Council will host yet another discussion on the status of Watson Island, which if apparently done in public, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the Municipality.

Once they have taken care of those talking points in private, the regular Council session for this evening seems a little less mysterious.

You can review the Agenda items here, clicking on the boxes at the right hand side of the City's document to examine a topic in detail.

As for the Public session, there's the usual housekeeping requirements of minutes from past sessions, followed by a presentation to council from Mr. Paul Kariya Director of Clean Energy BC.

The City Planner will review for council the application for a Development Variance Permit for a residence on Prince Rupert Boulevard.

The Corporate Administrator will outline details on a request from the District of Port Edward to access the Watson Island rail crossing for a study on railroad crossing safety.

The Corporate Administrator will also provide a report on an Inspection of a residence on Ambrose Avenue with a recommendation to resin a Wreck and Remove Order for that residence.

The Acting Chief Financial Office will review the details of the 2012 Annual Report, with a recommendation that Council approve the circulation of the Report and set a date of June 24th for a public meeting on the Annual Report. (Report can be reviewed from pages 25-102 of the Agenda Package)

Council then will examine any outstanding requests, correspondences for action and resolutions  from Closed Meetings.

The Session wraps up with Bylaw concerns, any additional items, the City Manager's report and any reports, questions and inquiries from members of Council.

One item that may come up in the course of tonight's meeting might be some kind of sign from Councillor Jennifer Rice, who perhaps may provide an update of sorts as to her intentions for council duties, now that she has been elected the NDP MLA for the North Coast.

It has been a topic of particular interest around the community of late, as both council members and residents alike seek out her thoughts on her plans moving on from her successful election campaign.

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