Friday, June 21, 2013

RCMP want to borrow your eyes and your ears while out on the water

The RCMP is looking for a few good look outs off of our coastal waters, with a reminder that they have an active Coastal Watch Program in effect and mariners are a key ingredient to it success.

The RCMP website outlines the nature of the suspicious activities that they are always on the watch for and more than happy to receive information about, among them:

Environmental concerns

Where ocean going vessels pollute or damage the marine environment. 

In particular being watchful for dark or discoloured patches of water, and abundance of dead fish or sea birds and floating or beached oil drums, gas canisters and other used containers.

Suspicious things to make note of while on the water

Vessels with an absence of identifying markings, such as vessel name, home port and such

Ship names affixed with a removable device.

Unusual itineraries that differ from fishing schedules or normal activities.

Absence of navigation and/or running lights

Smaller vessels hovering in the vicinity of another suspicious ship.

Should mariners notice any of those suspicious incidents, the RCMP ask for coastal watchers to make note of the following.

The time, date and location of occurrence (with a GPS co-ordinate if available)

The nature of the activities that have been observed

And a description if possible of individuals, vehicles near shore,  vessels in the water, or aircraft circling  above. 

Making a note of licence numbers, vessel identification numbers and aircraft tail numbers.

As well as any other registration details and visible markings.

You can review the full details of the Coastal Watch program from the RCMP website and should you discover something suspicious in nature, contact the RCMP at 1-800-387-0020.

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