Monday, June 24, 2013

Rotary Club of Prince Rupert to provide a "Welcome" sign at Park Avenue Pullout

For travellers along Park Avenue, a quick sense of bearings for travel through the City of Prince Rupert will soon be found by way of a wayfinding sign, to be constructed at the newly created Park Avenue pullout, located just across from the Park Avenue Campground towards the Fairview Ferry Terminals.

Tonight's council session will reveal that funding for the new welcome sign will be provided through a generous donation from the Prince Rupert Rotary Club.

The sign planned for the pull out, would be 64 inches wide and appears to feature a large version of the current tourist street map of the city and would be topped with a welcome to travellers from the Rotary Club.

The sketch provided to the City of what the sign may look like can be found at the top of this post.

The topic of the pull out and the need for signage was a popular talking point for Council at past sessions, with the notes on tonight's agenda, it would appear that any number of concerns that City Council may have had over the construction of the pull out have now been put to rest.

Most importantly of course being, that there will be no cost to the city, whether on pull out maintenance or with the construction and funding of the new sign.

You can review the "welcome" news for Council from the agenda to tonight's session, the review takes place on pages 66 to 69.

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