Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Counter Attack Program launched with Canada Day weekend

The long weekend that has arrived will find many Northwest residents taking to the roads, anxious to get to a destination for summer fun and relaxation, yet for a worrying number of motorists that Canada Day trip could end in injury or worse, in death.

And as motorists take to the highways, they should be aware that RCMP Traffic Safety Units will be paying extra attention, as ICBC, the Provincial Government and the RCMP launch their Summer Counter Attack Program.

This weekend heralds the start of what the RCMP calls a full force approach this summer, designed to target those foolish enough to get behind the wheel while impaired, putting their lives and the lives of other in danger.

With sobering statistics that in British Columbia on Canada Day alone, an average of three people are killed and 155 injured in 601 crashes every year in the province. Two of the three fatalities were those that involved impaired drivers.

For North Central BC, the overall statistics show that an average of 8 people are injured in 40 crashes each year.

With that in mind ICBC and the Provincial Government are looking to deliver the message of caution on the roads and zero tolerance when it comes to impaired driving on the roads. The RCMP will be watching over the weekend, looking to ensure that road safety remains a priority for holiday weekend travellers.

You can learn more about the Summer CounterAttack program and the road checks that begin this weekend from this release from ICBC.

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