Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Enbridge Joint Review Panel heads into the final lap

The lengthy process of examination of the proposed Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat is in it's final stages of public consultation, a two week wrap up session in Terrace, where the final arguments for and against are being heard.

Monday brought the start of this final stretch of presentations, taking place at the Best Western Plus Terrace Inn on Greig Avenue in that city.

The Schedule for the final sessions is as follows:

June 17 -21 8:30-4:30 PM (Monday-Friday)
June 24-28 8:30-4:30 PM (Monday-Friday)

As they have throughout the entire process, a live audio feed is available streaming the proceedings from Terrace.

Transcripts of the sessions are also available from the Joint Review website, provided shortly after each days events have been completed.

Other updates of note can be found from the Joint Review Panel website as well.

We have a compilation of the past sessions of the process through the year, available from our archive section, a handy reference to the events of past sessions both in Prince Rupert and elsewhere.

Items of interest from this final two week sitting can be found below.

North Coast Review Items

June 18-- Enbridge Joint Review Panel heads into the final lap

Items from other media sources

June 21-- CFTK-- Northern Gateway Hearings Wrapping Up Earlier Than Expected
June 21-- CFTK-- Cullen Critical of Review Process During Final Submission on Northern Gateway

June 20-- Terrace Standard-- Northern Gateway hearings end early
June 20-- Terrace Standard-- Northern Gateway oil pipeline hearings well ahead of schedule
June 20-- Van Sun-- Enbridge fails yet again to sell its pipeline to British Columbians
June 20-- PG Citizen-- Group tries to bring Northern Gateway to 'grassroots' level
June 20-- CFTK -- JPR Gov Alberta (video)
June 20-- CFTK--  JPR Cullen (video)
June 20-- CFTK--  JRP Hears emotional pleas to Prevent Northern Gateway Pipeline

June 19-- PG Citizen-- Pipeline imperative, 'feds tell review panel 

June 18-- CBC Daybreak-- Is the ultimate destiny for the Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings violent conflict?
June 18-- CFTK-- Terrace Protests (video)
June 18-- CFTK-- JRP Haida Presentation (video)
June 18-- CFTK-- CAPP, Haida Nation Present Final Arguments JRP
June 18-- Terrace Standard-- Northern Gateway hearings continue today in Terrace
June 18-- Globe & Mail-- Northern Gateway needed to deliver excess oil supply, hearing told
June 18-- Globe & Mail-- Enbridge proposes spill fund to ease pipeline fears
June 18-- PG Citizen-- Petroleum producers defend pipeline plan
June 18-- PG Citizen-- Pipe thickness not world class, panel told
June 18-- PG Citizen-- Review panel should toss entire pipeline plan: nature groups
June 18-- PG Citizen-- B. C. wants spill response exercises 
June 18-- Van Sun-- Northern Gateway pipeline needed to relieve oil glut, hearing told
June 18-- Van Province-- Enbridge backers Cenovus, Suncor to make their case ...

June 17-- Globe & Mail-- Rejecting Northern Gateway risks disaster...
June 17-- PG Citizen-- Pipeline boss confident Pacific link will be built
June 17-- PG Citizen-- Enbridge opponents hold protest
June 17-- Opinion 250--  JRP Hears Final Arguments in Northern Gateway Review
June 17-- Gobal/BIV-- Final round of Enbridge hearings
June 17-- CBC BC-- Northern Gateway in Canadians' interest, Enbridge tells review board
June 17-- The Tyee-- Final hearings for Northern Gateway start today
June 17-- Van Sun-- Rejecting Northern Gateway pipeline opens Canada to economic disaster...
June 17-- Van Sun-- Canada's energy sector at risk over pipeline uncertainty...
June 17-- Van Province-- Eco-scaremongering fuels pipeline phobia
June 17-- Van Province-- Last arguments for pipeline hearings
June 17-- News 1130-- Enbridge pipeline hearings enter final stage
June 17-- Van Observer-- Final Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings begin ...
June 17-- CFNR-- Former Haida President Guujaaw Speaks to Northern Gateway protest
June 17-- CFNR-- Final Northern Gateway Hearings Underway in Terrace
June 17-- CFNR-- Hundreds rally against Northern Gateway in Terrace
June 17-- Terrace Standard-- Northern Gateway final hearings begin
June 17-- Terrace Standard - Protestors demonstrate outside of Enbridge hearings
June 17-- CFTK-- Terrace Enbridge Protest (video)
June 17-- CFTK-- JRP Enbridge Closing Argument (video)
June 17-- CFTK - Enbridge Presents Closing Argument To Joint Review Panel
June 17-- CFTK-- Final Enbridge Hearings Begin Today in Terrace

June 16-- Opinion 250-- Hundreds Gather in Terrace to Speak Against Northern Gateway
June 16-- Van Province-- Federal panel to hear final pitch for and against Northern Gateway pipeline
June 16-- CBC  BC-- Federal panel to hear final pitch for, against Northern Gateway
June 16-- CFTK-- Anti Enbridge Rally in Terrace

June 14-- PG Citizen-- Final presentations on Northern Gateway begin Monday

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