Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blair Mirau enters race for Prince Rupert City Council

While there is a significant amount of focus on the the Mayoralty race in Prince Rupert at the moment, it apparently won't be the only campaign this fall that highlights a new face seeking to change things up a bit at City Hall.

On Wednesday morning Blair Mirau announced his plans to run for Prince Rupert City Council, highlighting a campaign platform that touches on a number of familiar themes of late.

As part of his campaign launch, Mr. Mirau outlined his thoughts on seeking enhanced accountability from Council, increased efficiencies for the City and a desire to see more planning for prosperity in the community.

He offers up more background on his concerns and offers up some of his proposed solutions through this page of his campaign website.

His three key priorities will be ones that may find a fairly interested audience in the community, touching as they do on some of the key talking points around the city of late.

The 24 year old resident of the North Coast is currently employed by the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a, holding the position of Economic Development Officer for the Nisga'a Society.

Previously he had experience with the workings of Prince Rupert City Hall as a grant proposal writer.

Part of his campaign appears to be one of community engagement, with plans to reach out the community to hear their concerns.

He also offers residents the opportunity to contact him and submit questions to his online portal, answers will be archived on that site through the campaign for further review of potential voters.

His entry into the race makes for three officially declared candidates in the council race thus far, with incumbent Councillors Anna Ashley and Nelson Kinney having indicated previously that they will be seeking a return to Council in November.

For those that might want to learn a bit more about what Mr. Mirau is bringing to the fall campaign, he will be hosting a campaign launch party on Friday evening at 7:30 PM at the North Coast Convention Centre.

Until that first public event, you can review more of his proposals from his website

You can find more on the Municipal Election campaign of 2014 from our archive page here.

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