Friday, September 19, 2014

Deadline for Shames Mountain earlybirds is coming up fast

Our late summer sunshine and warm temperatures is perhaps our last gasp of the season, with fall and winter soon to make their appearance.

For many on the North Coast, the changeover of the seasons is a welcome arrival, particularly as it heralds the arrival of ski season for the Northwest and once again as in season's past, more than a few North Coast residents will be making the hour and a bit trek to Shames Mountain.

For those that enjoy the Shames experience, time is running short on the deadline for Early Bird Discounts for the 2014-15 ski season.

September 27th is the last day for Northwest slope enthusiasts to cash in on the 20 per cent discount available for local skiers.

There are a number of categories for skiers to choose from, with increased benefits for those that become members of the My Mountain Co-op.

You can review the range of Season pass options here

For a look at what the My Mountain Co-op membership is all about, see the webpage dedicated to the Co-op here.

If you miss the September 27th deadline the next date to note is November 1st, the last day for discounts of 10 per cent. After that regular rates go into effect as of November 2nd.

You can get more information on developments at Shames mountain from their website, or by calling them at 250-635-3773

As the ski season starts up you can find news and other developments from the slopes of the Northwest from our archive page.

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