Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Success of summer Crimestoppers Camp sets plans ahead for more to come

A pair of summer camps in August put on by the local Crimestoppers program has proven to be so well received, that organizers are already making plans for another one to come later this year.

On August 5th and again on the 25th, two groups of eight youth  set up camp along the Skeena River, part of a project designed to develop team building skills, leadership, sharing, pro social activities and stewardship, all part of Camp Squirky.

The camp which was a combined effort of the local Crimestoppers group and the Northstream Environmental Group offered up opportunities to learn modern river fishing techniques, the important of conserving the environment and basic wilderness survival techniques, with a focus on bushcraft, fire craft and water procurement.

In the evenings leaders and campers sat around a campfire and discussed the goals and challenges that each participant had faced through the day.

Organizer Matt Ericson offered up a look at the focus of the two camping sessions and what Camp Squirky provided for the youth that took part:

This camp was a huge opportunity for young people to get out into nature during the summer months and learn about the environment, wilderness survival and themselves. A great deal of fun was had by all, and I see a huge opportunity for the Prince Rupert youth community to really benefit from an initiative such as this.

Crimestoppers plans on offering additional camps in the future, with the next one anticipated to take place during the winter break, where those that take part will learn cold weather  survival techniques.

Mike Russell who participated in the summer camps outlined how prospective campers can investigate the prospect of taking to camp during the winter break and how they can make application to participate in the winter version.

Currently we are seeking applications from youth to join us at winter camp, said Mike. All we ask is that potential candidates contact Prince Rupert Crimestoppers at, and tell us why they want to participate in the camp and what value they feel they would gain by attending.

Would be campers are reminded that space is limited for each camping session, with only ten spots available per session.

For more information contact the Prince Rupert branch of Crimestoppers at

A review of the summer sessions can be found here.

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