Tuesday, September 23, 2014

UBCM 2014 Talking Points

As the province's municipal leaders, along with a string of BC government and opposition members take part in the UBCM convention, we will offer up items of interest from the Whistler gathering below.

Original items of note for the North Coast will be highlighted in red and marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Other items related to North Coast involvement from other media sources will also be found in Red typeface.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM through twitter and the #UBCM hashtag...

October 8-- Mayor provides review of Council's work at UBCM in Whistler  NCR


September 28-- B. C. cities demand greater oil pipeline scrutiny, safety


September 27-- B. C. Municipal leaders demand a bigger say over oil pipelines
September 27-- B. C.'s transportation Minister reveals a heart of Stone over impact of high ferry fares
September 27-- Premier Clark closes UBCM with a bit of history and a bit of forward thinking  NCR


September 26-- Fiscal standoff between province and municipalities dominates UBCM convention
September 26-- Province floats gas tax shift to ferries
September 26-- Premier Clark on the Mike Eckford program CKNW ( audio )
September 26-- Premier Christy Clark addresses UBCM Delegates ( transcript of full address )
September 26-- Don't pay your staff so much, Premier Christy Clark tells B. C. municipalities
September 26-- Bylaw officers should be able to break vehicle windows to save dogs in distress: UBCM motion
September 26-- Premier delivers message on fiscal restraint to UBCM
September 26-- Christy Clark tells UBCM dialogue will shape province's future
September 26-- Fort St. John leads the way in resource driven conversations during UBCM conference
September 26-- Premier Clark's address to members of the UBCM
September 26-- Premier wants municipal pay to be election issue
September 26-- UBCM continues to lobby against province giving $1 Mill to town with no residents: Jumbo
September 26-- In UBCM speech, Clark says path of peace shapes B.C. future
September 26-- Premier says path of peace of schools, resources shapes BC's future
September 26-- Clark says path of peace on schools, aboriginals, resources, shapes B. C. future
September 26-- B. C.'s Christy Clark expects relations will blossom with Alberta's Jim Prentice
September 26-- Finish line out of sight and start line uncertain in race to develop LNG
September 26-- B. C. transportation minister tells coastal cities to pitch in if they don't want rising ferry fares
September 26-- Show leadership on ferry service
September 26-- After a week of UBCM setbacks, City Council might have some new additions for the Provincial Budget Consultations   NCR


September 25-- Horgan blasts 'shoddy' municipal pay study
September 25-- Coal export scrutiny urged by cities
September 25-- Smithers Wins Awards at UBCM
September 25-- Activists say public interest "completely missing" from LNG talks at UBCM
September 25-- Clark tap dances while Stone rants
September 25-- UBCM unlikely to alter Ferries' course
September 25-- Horgan Demands approved LNG projects meet four key Principles that Benefit British Columbia (media release)
September 25-- Prince George Councillors meet with Transportation Minister
September 25-- NDP leader says LNG must benefit B. C.
September 25-- Oil Pipeline opposition call fails at UBCM
September 25-- Discussion on BC Ferries issues highlights gap between Province and coastal communities NCR


September 24-- UBCM President blasts government for inaction on fiscal report
September 24-- How Downloaded Costs are Steamrolling Local Governments
September 24-- Mayors feeling snubbed by province over revenue sharing
September 24-- Funding announcements at UBCM
September 24-- UBCM gas sector sponsorship called into question
September 24-- Campbell River Mayor Jakeway faces heat after UBCM comments
September 24-- UBCM should propose cost-saving ideas
September 24-- UBCM resolutions defeated on ALR, confidentiality
September 24-- Stone rejects fare rollback at BC Ferries
September 24-- Transportation Minister rejects call for ferry-fare rollbacks, restoration of service to 2013 levels
September 24-- Cities Reject Minister's Proposal they help pay for BC Ferries
September 24-- UBCM ferry report makes for awkward talks
September 24-- Transportation Minister, critics disagree on ferry ridership analysis
September 24-- Civic politicians want BC Ferry rates reduced
September 24-- Transportation Minister promises to keep BC Ferries fare hike in line with inflation
September 24-- No plans to roll back ferry fares or services, transportation minister says
September 24-- UBCM upset as B. C. blows off talks on uncertain municipal finances
September 24-- B. C. Municipalities want medical pot growers identified
September 24-- Big-city safety concerns win the day in UBCM vote calling on feds to disclose medical marijuana grow locations
September 24-- UBCM delegates to vote on resolution to roll back ferry fares by 4%
September 24-- Minister Coleman seeks to reduce expectations of LNG tax windfall for Northern Municipalities  NCR


September 23-- Victoria, Municipalities trade insults and dollar figures
September 23-- UBCM call for ferry changes a long shot
September 23-- UBCM debates reducing number of resolutions raised for discussion
September 23-- Some B. C. Mayors balk at funding extra firefighter training
September 23-- B. C. Mayors push province on mental health
September 23-- Penticton takes large scale events issue to the province for UBCM convention
September 23-- UBCM delegates to vote on resolutions to roll back ferry fares
September 23-- B. C. communities keen on Victoria and Vancouver's mental health approach
September 23-- Kinder Morgan pipeline fight will be raised at UBCM Wednesday
September 23-- Increase mental health and addiction services: BC Mayor's caucus
September 23-- B. C. Mayors, Councillors out to pickpocket taxpayers yet again
September 23-- Aboriginal title 'a first step,' UBCM told
September 23-- UBCM hears that native band wants to support economic development
September 23-- Prince George talks crime at UBCM
September 23-- Author stands by B. C. Ferries report despite criticism
September 23-- Analyst stands by report on ferry fares impact
September 23-- Island candidates tee off over UBCM relevance
September 23-- Ferries on the mind at UBCM
September 23-- Civic Leaders discussing BC Ferries fare hikes at UBCM today
September 23-- B. C. to add rural ambulance resources
September 23-- Saanich pushes climate change at gathering of B. C. municipalities
September 23-- Big companies paying big bucks to sponsor events with BC Civic leaders
September 23-- Prince George Councillor Krause seeks post on UBCM executive
September 23-- West Kelowna Discusses Second Bridge Crossing at UBCM
September 23-- North Coast delegates bring eleven resolutions to UBCM  NCR
September 23-- UBCM convention underway at Whistler  NCR


September 22-- Northern B. C. towns worry LNG boom will turn into burden
September 22-- Transportation Minister, critics disagree on ferry ridership analysis
September 22-- Energy Minister warns UBCM that local govt's need to use restraint in taxing LNG operations
September 22-- B. C. cabinet minister warns against hefty industrial taxes on LNG plants
September 22-- Stetski lays out agenda for UBCM convention
September 22-- Ferry fares lead list of hot topics as leaders gather in Whistler for annual UBCM convention
September 22-- BC Ferries won't get more government subsidies: Todd Stone
September 22-- UBCM Convention starts Today
September 22-- BC cities call municipal pay review flawed, biased
September 22-- Ambulance response and BC Ferries on the agenda at UBCM
September 22-- UBCM President defends annual convention
September 22-- UBCM convention begins in Whistler today

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