Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proposed Log Sort improvement project may provide future break bulk cargo site in Industrial park

Drawing of proposed improvements to Log Sort site
in the Prince Rupert Industrial Site
A proposal to make foreshore improvements to a Log Sort site in the Prince Rupert Industrial Park  is awaiting further review of the Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Office, part of a process that may also provide for other industrial development for the area.

The latest stage in the proposal from FJM Butze Bay GP Ltd., was filed on August 7th, and outlines the project that would improve the access points of the Log Sort site along a stretch of what was the old North Coast Timber site in the Industrial Park.

The project as proposed by the group, would provide for facilities that not only improve the working conditions of the log sort site, but could also accept other types of break bulk cargo such as steel piping and iron ore concentrate to name a few.

A prospect that could offer up new business opportunities for the Industrial Park site in the future.

Map of area of
proposed improvements
The short overview of the proposed improvements can be found here.

Full Background on the project can be found from this proposal submitted as part of the application.

The filing with the Ministry outlines the nature of dredging and impact on the immediate area, that would be required as part of the improvement project to the site.

As part of the proposal, the Ministry has been accepting Comments regarding the proposed project, today marks the final day that those comments will be accepted.

A Decision on the proposal will then be considered by the Ministry, with an announcement to follow as to approval or denial for the planned improvement project.

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