Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nathan Cullen takes his private members bill to the House of Commons

As he promised earlier this month, the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley introduced his private members bill earlier today.

A proposed piece of Federal legislation, which if adopted by the House of Commons would call for a ban on crude oil supertankers along the coast of Northern British Columbia.
As we outlined on the blog back on September 9th,  in addition to the ban on crude oil tankers on the North Coast, Mr. Cullen's bill would seek to develop oil refinery capacity in the Northwest, turning Alberta bitumen into refined oil for transport.

The introduction of the bill in the House also seeks to deliver Canadians to Mr. Cullen's campaign to make the bill law, through the website takebackourcoast.

The main thrust of his campaign for the bill involves the introduction of Mr. Cullen's Social Licence concept, a talking point that he has been making part of the conversation on resource development for over a year now.

The task ahead of Mr. Cullen however is a large one, as it's a rare occasion, particularly with a majority government in place, that private members bills move much further than the discussion phase.

Mr. Cullen outlined more of his proposal through his Facebook page and twitter feed.

The NDP also did their part in trumpeting his initiative through this contribution to the NDP portal, where it was outlined that later this fall, Mr. Cullen will be taking his message across the province.

You can review more items of interest from Mr. Cullen's efforts at the House of Commons from our archive page.

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