Thursday, September 11, 2014

School District 52 looks to move process of disposal of Kanata School site forward

They may not have many items of education to deal with in these early days of what would normally be a school year, but for the School District 52 Board, work on real estate matters is taking up some of their attention these days.

In a letter from late August, the School District has provided for a follow up correspondence with Education Minister Peter Fassbender, seeking to move forward the process of selling the Kanata School site.

Kanata School site on the east side of Prince Rupert
The letter to the Minister, who probably has a few other items on his mind these days, is a required part of the process to dispose of property that no longer serves the need of education in a community.

As part of that process, the School District has also provided the required documentation to the Ministry to support their request.

In her letter to the Minister, Board Chair Tina Last, outlined that the Board is currently reviewing options for the disposal of the property.

"The Board is currently reviewing options for the disposal of the property. Obtaining permission for the sale will allow for the timely disposition of the property when a suitable buyer has been identified" -- SD52 Board Chair in a letter to Education Minister Peter Fassbender

As we outlined on the blog last March, the Kanata School site, is one of three former school locations around the city that now sit closed, with the Seal Cove and Westview  school sites also no longer in use.

The prospect of SD52 selling off the Kanata property first came up for discussion last year, when the School District placed an advertisement in the weekly newspaper, testing the waters for potential buyers. 

The letter of August to the Minister might offer up a hint that the School District is moving closer to its goal of selling the school.

You can review the Board's letter to the Minister of Education here.

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