Friday, September 12, 2014

Prince Rupert City Hall and Port Edward's North Pacific Cannery both nominated as one of BC's 100 Best buildings

Two very diverse forms of local architecture are vying for provincial honours as part of a province wide competition taking place through the month of September.

Standing  on Third Avenue in the heart of the downtown core, Prince Rupert City Hall has been an architectural focal point for many decades now.

A frequent subject point for visitors photos as they tour the downtown area, City Hall with adjoining fountain and landscaping is the subject of many complimentary comments regarding the era of Prince Rupert's vibrant past that it captures.

And depending on how the vote goes, City Hall may soon rank among among some of the Best Buildings in the province.

However, City Hall is not alone on the North Coast listings in the competition and finds itself up against a most impressive and historic bit of architecture.

Just twenty minutes down the highway, the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site at Port Edward is also in the running to move on to the next round of the competition.

The popular North Coast site, which still features many of the structures of the past days of cannery life in the North Coast fishing industry, offers up it's own unique visuals and has proven to be a key tourist destination for the region.

The photos from North Pacific found on many a twitter feed, Facebook page or flickr page, with many contributors finding much to enjoy from their trip to the historical site.

Short background pieces on both options can be found on this link  available in the Northern Area Nominations section, with the North Coast locations listed as follows:

Number 195 North Pacific Cannery
Number 352  Prince Rupert City Hall 

Other works of architecture across the Northwest and Haida Gwaii are featured in the review and can be found in the background section as well.

Once you've settled on your choice you can cast a vote in each of the four regions through this link.

The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia has embarked on the rankings through its BC's Best Buildings Contest, part of the celebrations to mark the 100th year of the Architectural Profession in the province.

Nominations for consideration close on BC Day in August and public voting to select the top 25 buildings in each region is now underway.

More information on the project can be found from the AFBC website and Facebook page dedicated to the event.

The public voting session comes to a close on September 28th, at which time judges will select three finalists from each region.

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