Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prince Rupert Doctor and family share their thoughts on North Coast life

If Northern Health suddenly finds a surge of applications for physicians in Prince Rupert, a pretty good place to look for credit might be with a local doctor who has provided for a glowing review of his adopted home town.

Dr. Amor Kloppers and his family were recently featured in a video presentation from Northern Health, a three and a half minute testimonial to many of the positives of small town North Coast living.

Aided by some spectacular scenery and healthy dose of sunshine throughout, the Klopper's offer up their observations on what the city has to offer and the sense of community that they have found here.

The Northern Health video series is designed to showcase Northern Communities and provides potential physicians and medical specialists with snapshots of what community life is across the Northern Health region.

So impressed with the quality of the video and the thoughtful comments about the community, Councillor Nelson Kinney paid tribute to the video presentation and the Klopper family at Monday evening's City Council session, sharing how impressed he was with the quality of the video and the thoughtful comments about the community,

You can find out why the Councillor and most other Rupertites that have seen the video were so taken with the presentation from the video below.



  1. Tremendous video and love to see what is happening in Rupert. I was born and raised there and so was my mother. My dad was from Norway and he was a commercial fisherman, so it was a perfect place to live and grow up.

  2. Thanks and good luck, Prince Rupert...I will be back someday..

  3. Thank you for your video very well put together. We hope you stay here forever, my wife told me you treated her in the emergency department and was very pleased with the outcome.