Tuesday, September 23, 2014

North Coast delegates bring eleven resolutions to UBCM

As the week of UBCM progresses, elected officials from the North Coast will be hoping to steer their resolutions to the convention through to a successful adoption.

Both Prince Rupert City Council and Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional district have a list of items up for discussion and adoption this year.

Prince Rupert can be found at the top of the list of those communities offering up resolutions for consideration this year, with eight proposals on the agenda to be considered.

Most of which involve the theme of accessing money whether through financial change to legislation on various tax issues, or by way of improved access to grant mechanisms.

For its part, Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District adds three of their own to the to do notes for the week.

Prince Rupert Council starts off their listing of topics with concerns over Port related revenues and the ability to generate more revenue from port activities.

Resolution B10 -- Port Property Tax Caps
Resolution B 11 -- Payment in Lieu of Taxes

You can review the thumbnail sketch of the Prince Rupert proposals from pages 95 and 96 of the Resolutions Guidebook

More financial overview comes from Prince Rupert with a pair of resolutions on grants.

Resolution B 18 -- Unconditional Grants 
Resolution B 19 -- Flexible Matching Grants

The review of those two proposals can be found on page 101 of the Resolutions Guide.

Prince Rupert also offers up for consideration an item for the Selected issues category

Resolution B 41 -- Poverty Reduction

The background on that proposal is found on page 117 of the Resolutions guide.

On items of note on the Legislative File, Prince Rupert Council with an eye looking back on the recent troubles regarding the Watson Island industrial site, sponsors a resolution on Tax Sale Dispute issues

Resolution B 99 -- Local Government Tax Sale Dispute Process

The outline of that proposal can be found on page 162 of the Resolutions Guide

The Port once again will be the focus of a Taxation resolution sponsored by Prince Rupert

Resolution B 106 -- Port Improvements Tax Exemption

Details on that proposal can be found from page 167 of the Resolutions guide.

Prince Rupert also will seek to have the issue of Funding Assistance reviewed.

Resolution B118 -- Funding Assistance for Project Proposal Evaluation

The review of that proposal is available on page 175 of the Resolution guide.

As for Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District they offer up three proposals for the convention.

Resolution B30 -- Liquefied Natural Gas Projects

Details on that item can be found on page 109 of the Resolution guide.

Resolution B 111 -- BC Assessment Authority

Background on that proposal can be found on page 171 of the Resolution guide.

Coastal Ferries issues and a call for a restoration of service levels mark the final item up from the North Coast.

Resolution C1 -- Coastal Ferries: Restoration of Service Levels, Fiscal Fairness and Long Term Strategy

The outline of that proposal can be found on page 191 of the Resolution guide.

Each of the items identified above can be found on the pages noted above from this link to the UBCM 2014 Resolutions Guide.

For updates on developments at UBCM 2014 see our archive page here.

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