Tuesday, September 16, 2014

School District 52 Board Outlines points of focus for 2014-15

The first School District 52 Board meeting of the year took place on September 9th, at that time of course, the much hoped for breakthrough in the labour dispute that was delivered today (see our archive page for the latest updates) had not yet been put in motion.

That at the time unresolved situation, left the School District Board to move to other topics to address, charting a course of sorts for when school sessions resume in the region.

From their September 9th meeting the Board highlighted some of their focus items for the year ahead, reviewing the details of their Achievement Contract, which this year is at the beginning of a new three year cycle.

The District's Foundation principles have expanded by one item and include:

Aboriginal Ways of Knowing
Assessment for Learning
Differentiated Instruction
Social Emotional Learning

The District has also set goals and targets to focus on the need for further improvement in literacy, numeracy, grade transitions and school completion rates.

On the theme of the Capital Budget, the School District will turn its attention to three items of note.

The first a priority request to replace Prince Rupert Middle School with a new building.  The District is also seeking funding for an upgrade of the closed Westview Elementary School to make use of that facility for the Board office.

One other item of note for the School District is the need to access a replacement bus for students with special needs.

The Board also received a presentation from Ms. Roberta Edzerza, the District Principal of Aboriginal Education, she provide the highlights of the LUCID Research Partnership Report.  A project that involves the School District and Simon Fraser University seeking new initiatives to improve student outcomes.

Some background on that program can be found from this link through the SFU website.

As part of the September 9th session, the School Board approved six new policies included on that list are:

Annual Budget Policy
Audit Services Policy
Disposal of Land and Improvement Policy
Disposal of Assets Policy
Delegation to the Superintendent Policy
Purchasing and Tendering Policy

There was also one additional draft policy approved, regarding the District Parent Advisory Council Policy, it was then sent out to partner groups for further comment.

The Board also provided some background on the summer maintenance program that took place in the Schools, with lighting an energy control upgrades taking place in five schools, new gym floors installed at Ecole Roosevelt Park Elementary School and Conrad Elementary School.

As well the public announcement systems at Prince Rupert Middle School and Ecole Roosevelt Park Elementary Schools were replaced, while the fire panel at Conrad Street Elementary School was also replaced.

A full overview of the September 9th meeting can be found here.

As of today, there is as of yet, no further update from the School District on the nature of the labour dispute and any further information regarding today's announcement of a tentative deal.

Once the details become a little more clear, the School District will no doubt provide an update for parents and students as to the timetable for reopening the schools.

Those with an interest in that timetable should check the District website regularly over the next few days for further information.

For more background on education issues on the North Coast see our archive page.

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