Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whale Watching session off Prince Rupert goes viral

A video of a trip off the coast of Prince Rupert to do a little whale watching offers up a glimpse of the giant sea creatures that patrol the entrances to the harbour on a daily basis this time of the year.

The video which runs close to five minutes, was posted yesterday to YouTube provides one of the most remarkable close ups seen in recent times, with the whales playfully spending much time enthralling the passengers aboard the boat.

The oohs and was of those onboard the vessel, indicative of how impressive the spectacle was off the side of the vessel.

The video became such a sensation yesterday that it was even picked up by Global British Columbia which featured the close encounters on their website. According to the background from that item, the whales remained by the boat for close to an hour and a half.

Making the experience that much more interesting for those on the boat, as the vessel could not leave the area until the whales had moved on.

We imagine, that the way the video has spread in the last 24 hours, that the reservation lines for Adventure Tours will be ringing off the hook for the next little while.

You can review some of the expeditions that Prince Rupert's Adventure Tours launches from this link to their website.

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