Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grand Opening of YPR Shuttle facility offers a welcome change to local travel routines

As part of the Monday evening Prince Rupert City Council session, Mayor Jack Mussallem provided some background on the recently opened YPR shuttle facility adjacent to the Prince Rupert Hotel.

During the Mayor's report of Monday's council meeting, he provided a thumbnail sketch of the amenities at the new shuttle centre. Highlighting the access to washroom facilities, seating area and baggage storage space.

He made comment on some of the entertainment and community information options available at the shuttle facility, provided for travellers who are waiting for their transportation to the airport or for those who may be awaiting those coming into the city.

He expanded on the nature of the partnerships that brought the new location into operation, making note of the contributions from the Prince Rupert Hotels Association, the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce, the Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Corporation, the Prince Rupert Hospitality Industry businesses and the Prince Rupert Airport Authority.

He also provided some insight into the financing of the project, advising that the city paid a nominal sum towards the lease and the city contributed a bit towards seating, with the bulk of the funding for the project coming from the group of partners.

He highlighted how the the new shuttle centre will provide a better impression of the city for those that fly in and out of the Digby Island airport and is significantly better than the situation that travellers had to deal with in recent years.

You can review his presentation on the topic of the transportation facility from the  City's Video Archive, it runs from the twenty five minute mark to twenty seven minutes.

For more items of interest on developments at City Council see our archive page.

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