Monday, September 8, 2014

Daybreak North adds features to website, providing more in depth coverage for Northern BC

For those that haven't visited the CBC Daybreak North website for a while, there have been a few additions to the site that should find favour for Northwest residents seeking out more information on the region through the resources of the public broadcaster.

In the last few weeks, the Daybreak North team have rolled out an enhanced audio feed on their website, providing for a larger range of audio clips on stories of the region, providing for wider access than what is provided from the on air aspect of their work on the early morning shift.

Last week, the audio archives offered up a look at the nature of the ongoing concerns over housing in Terrace, a look at the prospect of re-branding that city's image through a new slogan, as well as a look at some of the issues when it comes to ambulance service availability on Haida Gwaii.

And while there appears to still be a bit of a shortage of items of note for the Prince Rupert area (something which in the past has been a topic of concern for City Council), we imagine that the expanded archive options on the website, should offer more opportunity to highlight news from the North Coast as they move forward in content delivery.

Something that would provide  for a more equitable balance to go with the focus on other communities in the North West, Haida Gwaii, Prince George and other areas of the wide tract of broadcast area that Daybreak North serves.

The revamped Daybreak North website is well worth a look over, providing local residents with another valuable resource to keep up to date on items of interest across the region.

Now, if only someone could suggest to TV 7 that putting their Video vault onto a dedicated YouTube feed could offer up a more permanent archive of all of their stories from across the region.

Something that would also add to the options for local residents to make use of, as they seek out more information on news developments across the Northwest.

We have more on media and communications in the Northwest available on our archive page.

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